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Dateline; 12th March, Tuesday evening - 

Mrs May has lost the vote in Parliament to get her dodgy deal through. What happens next is that MP's will get to decide if article 50 gets extended, that we dont leave without a deal and the prospect of a second referendum now looms. The result of the referendum to leave the EU has been usurped, betrayed, ignored. Now you know why the country needs UKIP. The only party from the beginning that is 100% behind Brexit. Join us, join the fight. 

Fake Brexit in progress ?

The United Kingdom and the European Union are still in deadlock over the renegotiation of Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement. This fact, just one day before another vote is to be held in Parliament on the agreement confirms that the Prime Minister is extremely unlikely to pass her deal, which last year was described as a "surrender document" by UKIP Leader Gerard Batten.

Mr Batten said,

"We are now entering the final act of Mrs May's Brexit betrayal. Her so-called deal, which I described as a surrender document last year has no chance of being passed tomorrow. On Wednesday, Parliament will likely take WTO Brexit off the table, and on Thursday the House will vote to extend Article 50. The only question which remains is for how long.

"I suspect that they will vote to extend it until July, which is the full length of the mandates of existing UK MEPs. This would probably allow the government to avoid a European Parliament election in which they will be rubbed off the European electoral map. What happens after July is anyone's guess, but the bottom line is that the political establishment is betraying Brexit and UKIP stands ready to fight for Brexit in any and all future elections."


UKIP believes that we should not get involved in international conflicts unless it can be clearly shown to be in the national interest.

• UKIP is committed to NATO for our collective defence. UKIP expects all NATO members to honour their commitment to contribute a minimum of 2% GDP.

• UKIP will withdraw the UK from the EU’s attempts to create its own armed forces, e.g. through PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation), already committed to by the Conservative Government prior to Brexit, and from Mrs May’s proposed new EU Security Treaty. Something the Tories are keeping very quiteabout!

• Britain’s Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force have been so reduced in size that they struggle to meet their commitments. UKIP is committed to adequately funding Britain’s armed forces.

UKIP will initiate a defence review to consider our future defence requirements and the size and shape of our armed forces. UK manufacturers should get first call on providing our armed forces equipment.

• UKIP is committed to maintaining the Trident nuclear deterrent.


The UK does not have a housing problem - it has a demand problem, with demand being fuelled by mass uncontrolled immigration. Supply of housing simply cannot keep up with demand. We cannot stabilise the housing problem until we have controlled immigration.

  • One of the most significant problems has been that immigrants from the European Union have enjoyed access to social housing on the same basis as British citizens. Post Brexit, UKIP would end this.
  • Overseas investors now purchase approximately 60% of residential new-build properties in central London, and around 30% overall,3 thereby driving up property prices. These properties are often left vacant. UKIP will introduce a five-year residency qualification for any non-UK citizen buyer of residential property in designated areas in England. Rich foreigners will try to find loopholes no doubt, and government will have to try and close them.


Britain is a nation of commuters, for work and for pleasure. Whether our journeys take us on the daily commute to work, on a cross country commercial delivery haul, or the school run, everyone needs a comprehensive and reliable transport network.

• UKIP will scrap HS2. At an estimated cost of £100bn this vanity project is not affordable.  HS2 will destroy people’s lives and will have a huge environmental impact. UKIP will invest in the existing railways to improve capacity and journey times.

• The problem of failing rail operators could be solved by taking control by means of a new government owned company to run the franchises. All options would be considered.

• UKIP opposed the expansion of Heathrow Airport. UKIP will encourage investment in regional airports. The current Heathrow plan will destroy many villages and listed buildings as well as add to pollution in the locality.

• UKIP will scrap all road tolls. Tolling increases costs to business and the public. Road users are already overtaxed and should not be paying twice to use our roads. We will also block any introduction of payas-you-go road pricing. 

• UKIP will abandon the current rollout of smart motorways and instead divert the funding to road maintenance with a priority for fixing potholes. 

• UKIP will stop diesel drivers from being penalised through discriminatory parking fees or zone charging. Modern diesels are far cleaner today and many people bought their vehicles in good faith on Government advice.

UKIP supports the transition to electric vehicles, but the electric charging infrastructure is not keeping pace. We will support the installation of charging stations by diverting funds from the electric car subsidy. We will also encourage off-street parking and charging provision in all new housing and industrial developments through the local planning process.

• UKIP supports the development of driverless car technology.

• UKIP will scrap the EU derived law for the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) which has been severely damaging to the UK haulage industry. This unnecessary qualification has led to a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK.

Southampton (Eastleigh)  Airport

Did you know?

The owners of the airport wants to increase passenger numbers 2 million to 5 million by the year 2037. The airport owner also want to increase the length of the runway by 170m. 

UKIP have challenged this, by asking where the infrastructure to support this massive increase in people and transport is. This proposed increase will only herald more congestion and pollution for the borough.

You can have your say by taking part in the consultation. Go to the airport website

southamptonairport.com  where the full consultation document is available to view and download.

Promoted by UKIP Eastleigh on behalf of UKIP, Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT

What UKIP stands for

We have now started to put up some of our national policies on the Home page of this website. With the party on high alert for a snap general election, voters are asking, "what do you stand for?" "what are your policies?" We're happy to start obliging.

Local elections

We will be putting up a complete list of our candidates for the local Eastleigh Borough Council elections in May. Voters in every  ward will get the opportunity to vote UKIP. Keep a look out for a new page dedicated to the local elections.

Don't forget that a vote for UKIP shows the the Conservative government that we expect them to deliver the referendum result. That was to leave the EU completely without any deals.

Eastleigh's Conservative M.P. Mims Davies is one of Mrs May's minions supporting  her dodgy  deal for Brexit .This is despite the fact that Eastleigh, in the referendum, voted to leave the E.U. Join UKIP Eastleigh and help the effort to unseat her at the next general election.

Did you know that the UK will be merely "consulted" on fishing during the transition (Art130) and the "relative stability keys for the allocation of fishing opportunities” will be maintained.

We did not vote for that.


UKIP Eastleigh have warned over the past couple of years about relying upon the Conservative MP for Eastleigh, Mimms Davies, to represent local residents concerns the proposals for mass housing development from the Liberal Democrats.

Now we have learned that a govt funded agency, Homes England, are to give the council millions of pounds to push the building program forwards.

With the councils local plan due to be publicly inspected, you have to ask, is all of this proposed house building a done deal? Also ask, whats the point of lobbying a Conservative MP whose colleagues in govt are responsible for the rush to build houses in Eastleigh.

Even if the planning inspector comes down on the side of residents who oppose the mass development, the secretary of state can overrule. Just like he did over Barton Farm in Winchester. Its a dark day for Eastleigh.

Its all a white wash.

JE - Admin

Its now clear that the U.K. is building to cope with the E.U.'s open borders' policy and the freedom of movement of people